Collection: The Destinare Collection

I told myself that 2020 will be the year that I will make my dream of designing again come true.

2020 happened and all I did was to live vicariously through the photos of my old travels and through this, my very first collection - Destinare - came to be.

Inspired by my most favorite destinations around the world, Destinare means exactly what the Latin word stands for - my destiny, my destination and my arranged intention.

Join me as I trail the ups and downs of the picturesque Positano, the vibrant and fashionable city of Milano, the classic old world beauty of Praha, the sunny sea-side Spanish city of Barcelona, the eternal city of Roma, the charismatic and stunning Lisboa, the calm and quiet catholic town of Fatima with a quick side trip into Madrid’s Calle Emilia.

Inspired by these beautiful places but grounded in 2020’s reality of mostly staying at home, the Destinare collection is the epitome of fashion meets lounge and style meets comfort.

Each style is designed to take you seamlessly from reading a book in your couch to quickly running an errand to the grocery to breastfeeding your baby to enjoying holidays with your family to pictorials for your social media content.

Dressing up has always been a pick-me up for me and I wish for my clothes to be your source of comfort, positivity and happiness this holiday season as well.