Collection: The Dia Collection

Life truly gives us roads and turns we don’t expect. In 2020, at the height of the pandemic I decided to rekindle my love for design and I released a collection that introduced my style and aesthetic as a designer - a dream 20 years in the making. In 2021, I released a collection that celebrated women and motherhood, as I gave birth to my second baby at the same time as well. Much to my surprise and little did I know that a couple of years later, I would be living in and releasing a collection from Europe!

This collection was made and perfected as I spent my very first summer in Madrid. This collection reflects the Spanish’ love for fashion and dressing up - whether it’s just a grocery run, picking up their children or just meeting a few friends at the cerveceria - they will never pass up a chance to look amazing and I found this truly inspiring.

Greatly influenced by Spanish street fashion, expect to see linen, ruffles, ribbons, smocking and lots of dresses that will go well with wicker baskets, woven hats and espadrilles all whilst keeping it classy and conservative- which is very much my style too!

I really hope that you will love my new collection! They’re made with the holidays in mind and all the trips, parties and events you’ll attend this season.

For this collection, I invite you to join me, come take a trip with me, and get a taste of my life here in Madrid.

Welcome to a day in my life through my Dia Collection.

¡Disfrutad y que paséis las mejores vacaciones a todos!

Muchos besos!