Collection: The Dolce Collection

The past year has taught me to appreciate the beauty of everything around me. Through the eyes of my daughter Emilia, I have learned to appreciate all the little most simple things - all the little things that truly make life sweet.

The Dolce Collection, as the word literally means, is sweet and soft. Inspired by the dainty and fragile santan flower, I take you to the most delicate embroideries, the prettiest flounces, and the loveliest ruches and bows to give you a collection that can instantly give you a taste of the sweet life.

As you know, my designs are greatly influenced by my life. From my travels through the Destinare collection of 2020, I now bring you a collection that is inspired by the greatest role I have been blessed with - Motherhood.

The Dolce Collection hopes to be with you through all the changes of being a woman - from the carefree single lady enjoying the resort life, to the newlywed wife happily anticipating what’s to come, to the expectant mother watching her body change and blossom for her little one, to the new mom wanting to look and feel great for her family and yes up to the young doting grandmother who still deserves the prettiest dresses.

Thank you again for your support as I DARE to make this DREAM of being able to DRESS you and bring you happiness through my designs. With every piece in this collection, I wish to let you experience La Dolce Vita 🤎

With every piece in this collection, I wish to let you experience La Dolce Vita!