About The Designer


I have loved designing even more exciting! I realized that fashion could definitely be for everyone, not just for those with “perfect, magazine cover body” shapes.


I started designing for other people when I was a teenager in High School. I also made prom dresses for my classmates and it was during these times that I realized that making women happy and confident is what truly makes my heart the happiest!


Being a designer goes beyond looking stylish and drawing perfect croquis however. Being a true designer means also knowing how to truly create - it means knowing how to cut and sew yourself so you know if the design is not just fashionable, but feasible. It was because of this belief and passion of learning all about design that I found a way to study Fashion abroad. I applied for, and was awarded, an all expense paid scholarship in Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo. So I enrolled and found myself stepping foot on their campus just 2 weeks after my college graduation from Ateneo de Manila. To this day I still feel so blessed when my fashion professors remind me that I was the first Filipina to enter their prestigious fashion school - whose graduates include iconic fashion luminaries like Kenzo Takada, Yohji Yamamoto, and Tsumori Chisato. After 3 years, and with a lot of prayers and perseverance, I managed to graduate there with flying colors, despite the challenge of the course being taught completely in Nihongo. While I learned all about Japanese design, dedication, and precision, I am also proud to have ended my Bunka stint by being part of the graduation fashion show with no other than a modern Filipino terno gown as my final piece.


I find myself letting out a big sigh as I write this, as in a blink of an eye, it has now been 11 years since graduating from Bunka. To say that I let “life get in the way” of making my fashion design dreams come true is an understatement. But i truly believe that it is never too late to pursue one’s dreams - and so after building Tokyo Posh Hair Extensions, after getting married, and now having a child, here I am again, finally pursuing my dream.


So I would like to thank you for reading my story, and to thank you for your support as I DARE to make this DREAM of being able to DRESS others and bring happiness to them come true.



Denise 💖